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Professionals living and working in Australia can now buy their home or investment property with the advantage of preferential interest rates and the waiver of Lenders Mortgage Insurance.

But not all mortgage brokers have access to these policies with such valuable benefits, and those that do are notorious for making the information you need hard to access.

Our special report, The Professional’s Guide to Financing Australian Property, will help you navigate the minefield of obtaining an LMI waivered mortgage. You’ll find money saving advice and tips including:

  • Why some lenders will waive your LMI premiums
  • The massive cost savings achievable through these policies
  • Whether you qualify for a professional’s LMI waivered mortgage
  • How to ensure your credit file remains clean
  • Why you have to take care with pre-approval of a mortgage offer, and how to receive a “Fully approved and verified finance pre-approval”
  • And more….

Through the Global Financial Crisis and beyond, the Australian property market has stood out internationally for its resilience and ability to grow. Demand for property and prices paid are continuing to rise, and this is creating fantastic opportunities for buyers and investors

If you are a Professional planning to buy or invest in Australian property – Download this Free Guide right now


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Craig Vaughan
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