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Australia is a promising region for businesses from other countries. One of them is for business owners from South Africa who hold a visa for Business Innovation and Investment, commonly referred to as subclass 188.

If you are one of them, it is very necessary to get a business loan in Australia so that you can grow your business safely and comfortably. There is no need to worry about how; Professional Home Loans is here to help with a detailed explanation.

Understanding the Subclass 188 Visa

The 188 subclass visa is part of Australia’s Business Innovation and Investment program, which was created for business owners to establish, grow, and manage new or existing businesses in Australia. In addition, this visa also serves to request a permanent residence permit, so it can be an attractive option for business people. 

Key Considerations for 188 Visa Holders

Eligibility for Business Loans

Temporary Residency Status

For 188 Visa holders, you are already considered a temporary resident. In Australia, many lenders offer business loans to temporary residents. However, the terms and conditions vary. 

Visa Subclass Recognition

Make sure your visa subclass (188) is recognized by the lender. Most major banks and financial institutions accept this subclass.

Tips for a Successful Business Loan Application

Strong Business Plan

Present a realistic business plan that shows potential for future growth.

Financial Stability

Maintain good financial stability. Financial records are recommended to monitor financial status. 

Professional Advice

It is recommended that 188 visa holders seek advice from financial advisors, accountants, and legal professionals who understand their needs.

Common Small Business Loan Uses

Fast and Easy Application Process

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Let us help guide you through the Home loan process.

Frequently Asked Questions

We excel in rapid, short-term loans for Australian businesses, secured or unsecured. We’re a leader in flexible lending, especially for quick finance needs, even for those with credit hurdles. Also known as cashflow lending, we allow businesses to borrow money based on the projected future cash flows of the company.

Our offerings:

  • Assistance for businesses with past defaults or judgments.
  • Solutions for those declined by other lenders.
  • No minimum credit score required, a unique feature!
  • Loans up to $4M, repayable in 3-12 months.”

Complete the 5-minute application accurately for a 2-hour loan offer. Approved funds arrive in 3-4 business hours, but accurate documentation is crucial to avoid delays.

Loan amounts from $5,000 up to $4,000,000 are available, repayable over 3-24 months on a daily or weekly basis. We analyze different elements of your business’s status to establish the loan size.

Our proprietary system and underwriting experience allow us to provide unique financing solutions to a broad range of clients and industries. After application submission, we evaluate and make an offer. If agreed, funding is quick – within 3 hours. Eligibility: In business for 5 months, active ABN, and earning over $12,000 monthly.

We set your rates based on your business’s cashflow, history, and strength of your finances. This considers how long you’ve been in business, your assets, and what you’ll do with the money. You’ll know the fixed fee from the start, and we won’t charge extra if you pay back early.

Considerations such as the business’s longevity, past revenue, assets, credit background, and more contribute to a complete applicant profile.

Loan repayments are automated via business bank account deductions, scheduled either daily or weekly, not counting weekends and holidays.

Our main focus is the business’s assets and cash flow, but we also scrutinize credit reports of the business and owner for any active legal issues, bankruptcies, or tax liens.

Funds are available for any business-related use. Typically, our clients allocate the money for:

  • Business expansion, upgrades, or emergency repairs
  • Stock or equipment acquisitions
  • Boosting marketing activities
  • Staffing increases
  • Expense payments
  • Cash flow maintenance

Yes, you can. Some of our customers repay early to save on interest. There is also no fees if you choose to make extra repayments or pay off your loan early.

When you’re halfway through your current loan period, we can consider offering extra financial support. We usually initiate contact to assess your business’s status and discuss how we might provide additional help.

Our offerings include unsecured and secured loans for businesses, from $5,000 up to $4,000,000.

For corporate borrowers and guarantors, we might require personal guarantees from directors or specific individuals.

While reviewing loan applications, we don’t typically focus on whether an applicant has certain assets for collateral. But, for loans over $30,000 (or a different figure we occasionally set), we’ll claim a security interest in the assets of both the borrower and any guarantors, potentially registering these interests on appropriate official registers. In some situations, we might mandate specific collateral types, with the nature of the security varying based on the loan’s size and the applicant’s situation. Despite this, our general practice doesn’t prioritize the availability of specific collateral in our assessment. Applicants need not provide any assets or security, irrespective of the loan amount.


As a 188 Visa holder, obtaining a business loan can develop and expand your business in Australia. By understanding the requirements and working with the team at Professional Home Loans, South African business owners can smoothly navigate the loan process and grow their business in Australia. 

For more information, feel free to contact our team by calling 1300 55 44 97 or chat with Julie – Enquiry Assistant accessible on our website.

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