The subclass 188B visa is a provisional visa that requires the holder to invest at least AUD 2.5 million in Australian investments that meet specific requirements and maintain investment or business activity in the country. Learn more about this provisional visa!


The 188B visa in the Investor stream allows you to stay in Australia for a certain period.

How Long You Can Stay

You are allowed to travel to, enter and stay in Australia and run for up to 5 years. 

Stay Longer

After having this provisional visa for three years, you are eligible to apply to be a permanent resident if you have a genuine intention to live or stay longer in this country while running your business or investment.

With This Visa, You Can

This provisional visa grants permissions for you to:

You Must

On this provisional visa, you must:

Processing Time

After completing your 188B visa requirements and applying for it, you must wait 20 business days for nomination. Afterwards, you must wait 37 to 49 months before receiving results.

The processing time varies depending on the number of new applications submitted and the number of applications in the system.

When You Have the Visa

The subclass 188B visa imposes certain limitations on its holders, encompassing the entire duration of their stay from arrival to departure in Australia. This guide provides comprehensive insights.

Coming to Australia

Before departing for Australia, ensure you have your valid visa and essential travel documents, including a valid passport, to facilitate entry into the country.

Upon arrival in Australia, complete the Incoming Passenger Card provided during your flight.

In Australia

Holding the provisional visa in Australia allows you to:

Leaving Australia

Prior to your departure, it’s essential to have all necessary travel documents on hand, including a valid passport.


To maintain business or investment in Australia, consider applying for the Investor stream subclass 188B visa.

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