The subclass 188C visa is a temporary visa for high-net-worth, significant professionals mandating a minimum of AUD 5 million investment in compliant Australian ventures and the maintenance of investment or business activities within the nation. Discover further details about this provisional visa option.


The Significant Investor stream of the subclass 188C visa permits you to live in Australia for a specified duration.

How Long You Can Stay

You have the permission to travel to, enter, reside in, and conduct business in Australia for up to five years if you hold visa 188C.

Stay Longer

After having this provisional visa for three years, you are eligible to apply to be a permanent resident to live and run your business or investment in Australia.

With this Visa, You Can

This provisional visa allows you to do several things.

You Must

On this provisional visa, you must:

Processing Times

After fulfilling the 188C visa requirements and submitting your application, expect a 10-business-day waiting period for nomination. Subsequently, the results typically take 21 to 32 months to arrive.

Please note that processing times may fluctuate based on the volume of incoming and existing applications.

When You Have this Visa

The subclass 188C visa has specific limitations throughout your stay in Australia. This guide offers comprehensive insights.

Coming to Australia

Before departing for Australia, ensure you have your valid 188C visa Australia and essential travel documents, including a valid passport, to facilitate entry into the country.

Upon arrival in Australia, complete the Incoming Passenger Card provided during your flight.

In Australia

With this visa, you are allowed to:

Leaving Australia

Before departing for Australia, ensure you have your valid visa and essential travel documents, including a valid passport.


Applying for the Significant Investor stream subclass 188C visa is advisable for sustained business or investment activities in Australia.

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